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Traci Dority-Shanklin


Traci Dority-Shanklin is a Managing Partner at Sisu Investment Partners. She has over twenty years of experience in the investment world, working predominantly in new business development and client services. During her time at Prudential, Traci was a top sales executive and later proved herself again when she joined EnTrust Capital shortly after its formation and helped grow the firm into a nationally recognized institution. Her entrepreneurial predisposition led her to found Sisu Investment Partners, where she can focus her energy on helping her clients find competent, capable investment managers.

Finding the right investments can be daunting and knowing who to trust can be even more difficult. Traci understands the needs and concerns of her clients because she grew up in a union household where her father, retired UFCW International President Doug Dority, emphasized the need for honesty, integrity, and hard work in whatever you do. She has literally spent a lifetime developing relationships with her clients and in recent years, getting to know their investment needs and concerns.

At Sisu, Traci’s primary role is business development for investment fund partners and serving as an advocate for the clients and prospects. Traci is involved in guiding the manager selection process towards investment managers that provide solutions for the pension fund members. As a strategic thinker, Traci will continue to watch the defined benefit and defined contribution landscape for new or untapped business opportunities and solutions.


"A union lady for life because I grew up in the movement. My ability to develop and nurture relationships have been the key to driving my success throughout my 28-year career in the investment business, and I have found my clients to be the most loyal. I am a strategic thinker that will always keep your funds goals first.”


Tom Shanklin

Tom Shanklin is a Managing Partner at Sisu Investment Partners. He brings over 25 years of experience as an investment consultant and advisor, a role in which he was actively involved in the areas of investment policy development, asset allocation, manager research, and performance evaluation. Throughout his career, Tom has worked with a number of highly respected, national consulting firms, including Wurts & Associates (now Verus), Investment Performance Services, and Peirce Park Group (recently merged with Marquette). Most recently, he served as a Senior Advisor to the AFL-CIO’s Investment Trust Corporation, the investment arm of the AFL-CIO. Tom has also been a frequent speaker at institutional investment conferences. His background provides him with the ability to discuss with clients what their specific needs are, as well as interact with their investment consultants and other fund professionals to assure that portfolio assignments are handled effectively and efficiently, and that the client and their investment manager are receiving the respective information they each need to function properly.

At Sisu, Tom provides guidance in identifying suitable investment managers in various asset classes and investment strategies that have the potential to improve the clients' risk/return outlook. Tom also is involved in business development, interfacing with former clients and prospects, as well as other investment professionals, to inform them of the expertise and management solutions available from Sisu Investment Partners.

“Throughout my career as an advisor and consultant, I have found that the most valuable service I can provide to my clients is that of an educator. The complexities and nuances of the investment world can be overwhelming for trustees that only deal with investment issues on a part-time basis. However, I have found that if you consistently educate and take time to answer questions fully, trustees can make educated decisions with confidence."

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